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Bobo’s Haunted Circus (Flash Fiction)

Okay, guys. Chill. It’s getting dark. I need you all around the fire so I can keep track. Nobody wander off. Two steps into the trees and it’s pitch black. You’ll get turned around and lost. I don’t want to explain to your parents why their kid didn’t make it back home. Jimmy, come on. Why […]

The Fools on the Hill (Flash Fiction)

Alan positioned the flashlight directly in front of his mouth and made eerie ghost sounds. The light, tainted red from shining through his flesh, made disconcerting shadows on the sides of the tent. “Bre-e-e-tt, are you afraid of the da-a-a-a-rk?” Alan asked in the same ghost-mimicking voice. “No, of course not,” Brett replied, all the […]

The Devil’s Hole (Flash Fiction)

During the summer, I was allowed to stay up late, which usually meant bedtime was an hour or so after dark. But I stayed up with my mom, waiting for dad to return. She was reading one of her tabloids from the grocery store, and I had my nose in a comic book. But I […]

Shadow Puppet (Flash Fiction)

If you’re looking for something profound and spooky that you can share with your friends back home, I can’t offer you that. I can only tell you what happened, what little I know, and from there we’ll take up the thread together. This thing … this, whatever it is, I don’t even think you could […]

Whose Woods These Are (Flash Fiction)

Hank woke up, drenched with sweat, cold from the dying campfire. His slimy body felt slimy, sandwiched within a soaked sleeping bag. For Hank, every morning was a reminder of age. His shoulder ached, jammed into the socket by the bone-dry ground. Hank winced as pain shot through his spine. His muscles played tendon tug-of-war. […]