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Without a Notebook

Some people have notebooks they fill with quotes, ones from celebrities, political figures, other writers, even their moms. I’m not one of those people. While I might be momentarily inspired by something I read or hear, it is not lasting. Going back to the same words of encouragement do nothing for me. I generally find […]

Writing It Down For Later

Inspiration is a tricky thing to describe. Kind of like trying to capture scents with a mason jar underwater. I mean to say that one never knows when something will strike the flint and and an idea will erupt into flaming life. It’s part and parcel of being a writer that one must keep records […]

Quote Collector

I have collected quotes for most of my life. I used to memorize them: lines from movies I watched over and over again as a child until I could quote the whole movie. Later, I would memorize lines from my favorite books that I read over and over. I still can quote a few lines […]

Listening for Gold

Trying to write as a dozen conversations circle around me is maddening at times. Other times it’s pure gold. I’m one of those people who prefers to write in complete silence or maybe with some quiet music (sans lyrics), but the pressures of my day job don’t afford me that opportunity very often. Instead, I […]