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The Cat Came Back

My cell phone rang at two minutes of four in the morning. I swiped my thumb across the green ‘answer’ button, put the phone to my ear and grunted. “Meow?” came the reply. It was my cat. “Waffles?” I cleared my throat and sat up. I hadn’t heard from my cat in two months. “Meow.” […]

Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! There are three days left of Nano. I have 12.5k words to write, so about 4k a day. I haven’t done anything in the past two days thanks to work and general laziness. But with November ending with a weekend, I think I can get it done. And I really really want […]


Handwriting Your Novel Part 3: Comfort and Legibility

The number one comment I get from people when they see me handwriting large blocks of text is, “I could never do that! My arm would fall off!” Basically, they’re afraid of pain. Wimps. Like any physical skill, you have to practice, you have to prep, and you have to use an appropriate technique. Let […]


No-drama Llama

One of the most difficult challenges in writing for the Cafe is to come up with a monthly piece of short fiction. A thousand words with a beginning, a middle, and an end. This is a writing skill I’ve wanted to gain, and I figured with the same discipline, work, and a lot of words […]


The Head Bumps of Writing

When I started writing my great non-nationalistic novel, tentatively titled “There Was No King,” I knew my characters and plot were loosely based on the biblical book of Judges. I knew the setting was the great post-nation-state Kansouri, one of the many regional confederations created after these United States were united no more. I knew […]