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Review: Arrow Season 1

It’s no secret I’m a comic book fan. That said, I never watched Smallville when it was on TV. I was interested early on, but then for some reason it never really appealed to me. I love Superman, and the idea of the show should have grabbed me. Lois & Clark did, but for some […]

Review: Long Live the Queen

Long Live the Queen (LLtQ) is a darkly cute, somewhat macabre strategy/simulation game. You are Crown Princess Elodie, fourteen and heir to the throne after the sudden death of your mother. You’ve returned home from boarding school to be trained in the ways of court before your coronation on your 15th birthday. Assuming, that is, […]

Review: Doctor Who 50th

In just over a week, we will arrive at the annual End-of-December holiday, one we have been building up to for weeks maybe even months. I refer, of course, to The Doctor Who Christmas Special. With his special event nearly upon us, I thought I would take a look back at the most recent episode […]

Frozen (Review)

I judge books by their covers and movies by their previews. Going in to see Frozen, I was leery. Where was there room for a talking snowman in my beloved fairy tale by Hans Christian Anderson? Why was a boy saving the day in my girl power tale? Based on the previews, I expected nothing […]