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The Worst Thing I’ve Ever Written

I haven’t participated in NaNoWriMo since 2012, but I’m still reaping the writing rewards of that one year. My fiction before that NaNoWriMo had been mostly successful. All of my plays were awarded staged readings and most of my short stories got published. Of course, I had only written two plays and three short stories […]

All My Best Writing Starts Out as Fanfic

I am scheduled to give you a flash fiction today. It’s not going to happen. About a month ago, I discovered the TV show Supernatural, and immediately became obsessed [0]. All of my non-work, non-sleep time has been spent catching up on the glory of all things Winchester. There’s eight and a half seasons just […]

The Evolution of an Idea: Murph’s Law

People often ask writers where they get their ideas. There are a lot of answers to that question. I think everyone does it a bit differently. A month ago, I published the story “Murph’s Law” on this site. You can find it here. A couple of readers wrote me and asked where it came from. […]