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Ignoring Thunderdome

I honestly spend very little time thinking about the future of the publishing industry. I find the blank page intimidating enough as it is, and I don’t need additional reasons to feel insecure about what I’m doing. I try to avoid news about who is merging with whom or what Mrs. Megapublisher’s stance is on […]

Publishing Revolution

It will come as no surprise to anyone, but the Internet is upon us. And with the absolute freedom allowed to us with instant communication from anywhere to anywhere, it was only a matter of time before the literature began to flow. Printing and publishing is evolving in ways that will change everything, again. It […]

The Brave New Publishing World

We stand on the edge of uncertainty. Publishing is changing, and for writers, that might as well be the apocalypse. The publishing industry as we know it is dissolving. The big publishers are merging, self-publishing and independent publishing have never had easier means of distribution. The writing world has changed. We should have known. It […]

I have no idea how to effectively critique.

Usually when somebody wants me to go over a piece of their writing, they have a question about grammar, or they just want me to quickly “fix” it so that it’s readable. They are far less interested in learning how to improve the artistry of their writing than they are in getting it done, ideally […]

An Atypical Year

In the bumper at the start of the week, the amorphous management asked of us writers, “Do they love this time of year or hate it? Are the holidays a time of coming together or pulling apart?” And my heart broke, because this year, it’s all of that. I usually love holidays. I love visiting […]