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Perplexing the Perspective

When I’m reading books, I recognize the importance that point of view can have on the story. Having something written in first person creates an automatic connection with the reader, while a story in third person allows the reader to leap from one head to another. Multiple character viewpoints can be used to create a […]


Government and scientific writing is usually done in this really bizarre institutional voice. You know the one I mean; you’ve read it and struggled with it, even if you’ve never deliberately tried to write it. It’s a weird, hyper-formalized, passive-verbed, long-winded writing style that you discovered had invaded your own writing when you were just […]

A Shelf of Possibility

  (Rolls d20) Eighteen. Damn. That means I have to write this post in the first person. What’s really important when I’m choosing which story to write is how best to tell it. Whose Point of View is most important? Is that character reliable enough or not to tell the story? Because if not, that […]

Embrace it!

Lately I’ve been feeling the blahs. Fat. Inactive. Creatively null and void. Like I’m in a holding pattern. All of which means one thing: It is time to break out of my comfort zone [0]. I’ve got several things I can do. I can go back to Contra dancing. I have a carpentry project planned, […]