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Ephemera – How true is your “true story”

We told the Confabulators to write a fictionalized version of something true for the flash fiction this week. As many people know from the many Hollywood “based on a true story” renditions, just because something claims to be based on a true story, doesn’t mean it has much truth to it. So we asked those […]


Ephemera – How much have you written this week?

This week we discussed how we as writers make time to write, since most of us aren’t full-time writers. Having talked about that, it seemed only natural to ask how much the Confabulators wrote this week. Were we true to our claims as far as making time to write? Sara Lundberg I think I had […]


Ephemera – What are you currently reading?

This week at the Cafe we discussed the need or lack of need of stories in the world. Overall, as writers, of course we need stories. Most of us are voracious readers, so this for the week’s Ephemera we decided to check in and see what all of the Confabulators are reading right now. Ashley […]


Ephemera – What was the last nonfiction book you read?

This week at the Cafe we talked about what we’d write if we were to tackle non-fiction (or what we write if that is the genre we’d normally write). It seemed only fitting to ask what, if any, non-fiction the Confabulators have read recently for this week’s Ephemera. Do we read non-fiction about our craft, […]


Ephemera – What’s your favorite fairytale?

This week at the Confabulator Cafe, we all wrote our own versions of fairytales: whether well-know, obscure, or invented from our own minds. Did you recognize any of them? We thought it only fitting, after writing fairytales this week, that we share what our favorites are. Kevin Wohler My favorite fairy tale is a modern […]