Kevin Wohler

Kevin Wohler is a copywriter and novelist living in Lawrence, Kansas. During the day, he works at a digital marketing agency in the Kansas City area. When time remains, he likes to tell stories of the weird and bizarre. And sometimes, he writes them down for others to read.

Going for Broke

In the beginning, the poker game had been my idea. I invited a few guys from the army for a friendly game. No stakes, just a fun way for a few of us from our old unit to kill a Friday night. At first it was just Pete, Daniel, Johnny, and me. We pretended we were […]

Taking It With a Grain of Salt

Criticism, whether giving it or taking it, is tricky business. I used to be an English instructor in college, so I’ve given my fair share of criticism. Freshman composition students are notorious for not caring about feedback, but it’s an important part of teaching. The best advice I ever received was from a veteran professor […]

We Will Always Need Cautionary Tales

After Ray Bradbury wrote Fahrenheit 451 — his dystopian novel of a world where books are burned — he reportedly told interviewers “I wasn’t trying to tell the future, I was trying to prevent it.” Fahrenheit 451 is a cautionary tale, like so many of my favorite stories. If you think about it, some of the best stories are those […]


ur true selves are often not known to us or anyone close to us. Sometimes it takes a stranger to show us what is in our heart, and where our destiny will take us. The King and Queen had no other children, so when I became of age it was decided that I must join […]