Kita Haliwell

Kita Haliwell developed an addiction to the written word at an early age, spending most of her free time buried in books. Epic Fantasy is her biggest weakness, though she writes primarily Young Adult Fantasy and Mystery (when she isn't distracted by something shiny or Disney).

(22) Missed Calls

John 12/13/2018 22:34:07 – Hey, honey. Do you need me to pick up anything else while I’m at the store? Lira 12/13/2018 22:37:24 – Milk, tylenol, salt (for the steps). <3 John 12/13/2018 23:02:18 – On my way home. See you in a few. Lira 12/13/2018 23:03:33 – Okay. Drive safe.

One Good Deed

The mirror’s surface remained devoid of any human reflection. Dirt and unidentifiable sludge kept her curly hair twisted into a tangled mess. Carefully applied charcoal dust and more dirt buried the features of her face in earthy cracks. Torn fabrics and layers of ragged coats hid her expensive undergarments. She was only disguising herself as […]

Wayward Witch

I gently placed my hands upon the young man’s broken body, listening to his gurgles and knowing he was well beyond my abilities. Still, I had to try. I delved inside with my power and saw his heartbeat fading, the breath growing short and the light fading from within. Someone in the crowd started sobbing […]

Rocky Start

The soccer ball caught her right in the face knocking her glasses askew. That didn’t bother her though. The fact that they laughed didn’t bother her. She didn’t even mind not getting an apology. They never gave one so why should now be any different? No, what bothered her was the fact that she had […]