Karen DeLaughter

Sunday Morning Coffee

“Coffee, black,” said the lady at the counter. She was old, gray, yet spirited. She wore a white military style uniform. Its metallic silver trimmings reflected the incandescent light in such a way as to make it difficult to stare at her. It’s not every day that someone new orders here. That’s why I like it. It’s […]

Time Sleeper

It would be nice if a delightful wormhole existed nearby. We could all travel through it to go visit different points of time on holiday. It would be grand fun. However, there is no such thing. Thus, that method of time travel, if really possible, is just a theory on the minds of some. Time travel […]

Jade and Hugo

Literally everything about this is illegal. The language this is written in, and the fact you can read it, which means you know this language, so yes, you reading these words right now is an unlawful act. The device you are using to read this should not exist. All electronic devices that display this language […]