Emily Mosher


Literally everything about this is illegal, Ezryn thought as she studied the graffiti outside the Temple law enforcement building. Dane was late. Very unbecoming an Officer of Civility. High Rule 14: Respect Other People’s Time. Right there, in the Temple constitution. But Officer Dane Ray played fast and loose with the rules. Then, she heard […]

The Real Boy

Dessie waited behind the curtain while the audience clapped. They cheered loudly, erratically, and some members sobbed. She smiled. Preschool audiences always made her smile. She threw open the curtain and had her puppets bow one by one. When she herself finally stood, the children swarmed her. They asked questions, told her their favorite kind […]

The Upset

Rex watched the dial spin as the Powers That Be selected his team’s foe. Their rank was low, so their opponent would be powerful. But maybe not unbeatable, Rex thought, watching the wheel slow. His heart sank as the flapper landed on Unicorns. Bloody Unicorns. Uptight, arrogant, can’t-help-but-adore-them bluebloods of the human imagination. Pix, the […]


Of Sewing Shears and Budget Cuts

The final straw for Ms. Elizabeth Ledbetter, teacher of Home Economics at West Bulgewater Middle School, was of course her sewing shears. In fact, the school district’s sewing shears—all equipment belonged to the district, she knew that—but she held fond feelings that approached guardianship toward the most valuable tools of her trade. And the fizz […]


Microbe Mike

It was 2 am when I picked up the ringing phone. “We need you again,” said the voice on the other end. They needed me all the time. I got up from my warm hospital bed, pulled on yesterdays’ scrubs (they weren’t too bad yet), and shuffled down the quarantined half of the hallway.