Anita C. Young

The Dragon Lore

I wonder how much longer we can go on like this, Elder Eidald thought as he surveyed the town bathed in the soft orange light cast off from numerous glowstones. He stood and massaged the stiffness out of his shoulder. With the dwindling supply of glowstones, the moths are venturing closer and closer to town to […]


Laying Down The Law

“Come on Grandma, we’re going to be late!” Alexandra Underwood called up the stairs to Jean. “Oh quit your fussing, there’s still an hour before the concert starts,” Jean’s disembodied voice floated down. “Yeah an hour for you! I have to get there and get set up. This bad boy doesn’t tune itself.” She tapped […]

Soul Bracelet

Alexandra felt certain that the heat was literally melting her flesh from her bones as she sat in front of the wheezing fan. This summer had been particularly brutal and the weatherwoman predicted no break in the heat on the horizon. “Seriously, Grandma Jean, can we turn the freaking AC on?” The fan distorted Alexandra’s […]

The Unbrella

Emaline looked out at her village and the noticeably dimmed glowstones lighting the streets of their large cavern. The crops had been reaped and it would be another thirty sleeps worth of guided rest and reflection with the Elders before they could sew the next crop. Oh how I hate the Yule season. Nothing to […]

Honour The Dead

“Emaline! Duck!” Her mother screamed, and she dropped to the dirt without a second thought. Paper thin wings whooshed over her, but their claws missed. A blast of ice chilled her as her mother flung the magic into the beast. “Mother!” Emaline cried as she watched the woman fall to the ground as the moth […]