Aspen Junge

All My Best Writing Starts Out as Fanfic

I am scheduled to give you a flash fiction today. It’s not going to happen. About a month ago, I discovered the TV show Supernatural, and immediately became obsessed [0]. All of my non-work, non-sleep time has been spent catching up on the glory of all things Winchester. There’s eight and a half seasons just […]

Handwriting Your Novel— Part One

Neil Gaiman does it. J. K. Rowling, too. Truman Capote, Charles Dickens, William Shakespeare— most of the greats of English literature have done it. Yet when I tell people that I write my novels in longhand they react as though I am some kind of exotic creature. Writerii masochisteria, perhaps.

Six word stories

Dragons exist. Don’t ask questions, RUN! Cat: Human sleep deprived. Mission accomplished. Superpowers? Radioactive guppy bite. Stop laughing! Cute-powers from radioactive kitten bite. Awwwwwww…… I fail to resist his pain. You never forget your first murder. Poverty, not cancer, killed my friend. Breaking!! World! Hell! Handbasket! You “decide.” “Don’t be evil.” I laugh, maniacally. Psychiatrist’s […]