Aspen Junge

Leveling up

I’m an eight-for-eight Nanowrimo winner. About every other year I go in with no idea, no inspiration, no outline. This was one of those years. All I had was a mildly unpleasant character and the LKFWriters’ Plot Twist Box of DOOOOOOOOOM! [0] Any time I got stuck or bored I’d draw another card. Every day […]


Dear Comics

It’s not you, it’s me. I want to fall in love with you, I really do. All of my friends say that you’re really great. And you are great, really. I’m just not feeling it. I just can’t get into the way that you tell stories. As far back as I can remember, I’ve always […]

Meals on Wheels

Kendra enjoyed being a Meals on Wheels volunteer. She hadn’t lived in the city long, and her freelance job kept her busy working from home. Meals on Wheels gave her a reason every day to get dressed, go outside, and talk to people. She shared her usual route with Ryan, a beefy man with a […]


Fallow Fields

If you look through my journals for the past ten years or so, they will all say the same thing. February sucks, I’m not writing a thing, I’m not reading a thing, it’s too cold to go outside, all I do is go to work and watch crap television and go to bed at an […]


Handwriting Your Novel Part 3: Comfort and Legibility

The number one comment I get from people when they see me handwriting large blocks of text is, “I could never do that! My arm would fall off!” Basically, they’re afraid of pain. Wimps. Like any physical skill, you have to practice, you have to prep, and you have to use an appropriate technique. Let […]