August Baker

In his pretend life, August Baker is a retail monkey who channels anger and loathing into something vaguely resembling literature. In his real life, he is a Space Pirate.

This Year vs. Last

I can’t help but compare this years Nano to last years.  If I was less lazy, I would go to the Nano website, look at the chart for last year, and compare it to this year.  But I already know what it will show.  Last year I was either ahead or close to on pace […]


You’ve Lost That Nano Feeling

Nano Battle Report, Day Five.  Behind on word count, though not insurmountably so.  Have only been caught up on one day so far.  Never fear though, I shall intrepidly plow my way through this. First, a reflection.  Last year, I planned a whole month before Nano.  I made an outline.  A good outline.  One that […]


Narration in The Hunger Games

First person narration is a style that has its pluses and minuses. While restricting the reader’s perspective to one person lets us get to know that one individual better, it usually limits our view of the wider world and leaves other characters flat and uninteresting. When comparing the book and movie version of The Hunger […]


The Ship

The kid reminded me of myself, so long ago. The way he leaned against the railing was the way I leaned against the railing, back when leaning against things was something done out of convenience instead of necessity. His eyes moved quick over the pods, trying to count them all, to take it all in, […]


The small child curled tightly under his blanket as the storm raged. The thunder rattled his bedroom window, the lightning flashing so bright it penetrated his blanket and his closed eyelids. Downstairs another storm was picking up tempo, the roars of of the tempest underneath him making him huddle tighter, his arms futilely covering his […]