August Baker

In his pretend life, August Baker is a retail monkey who channels anger and loathing into something vaguely resembling literature. In his real life, he is a Space Pirate.

Me, Myself, & I

Knock knock. Knock. I opened the door. “’Hey.” The man at the door was barely an adult. He wore baggy jeans and a t-shirt, a pair of glasses sitting on a pimply face under a shaggy mess of hair. He slouched confidently, if such a thing was possible, thumbs hooked in his belt, looking at […]

Market Crash

9:45 AM. Wall Street. A legendary location, where fortunes are made and lost in the blink of an eye, where the fates of millions are up for grabs. Where greed is good, compassion has no place, and if you lose your edge, dozens of others will jump to take your place. Boldness is rewarded and […]

Burning Bones

Steven’s finger hovered over the “Accept” button, the soft green light of the ATM lighting his face. He hesitated and looked at his watch, as if the time wasn’t displayed prominently on every wall and every television. 6:52. He checked the nearest wall. Yep, it still had the right time. He looked behind him, stalling. […]

Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! There are three days left of Nano. I have 12.5k words to write, so about 4k a day. I haven’t done anything in the past two days thanks to work and general laziness. But with November ending with a weekend, I think I can get it done. And I really really want […]


Nano 2014: Week 2

Quick status update on the novel. It’s still quite a bit fun to write. My protagonist has little developed character besides shooting evil things in the face, and I kinda regret that, but it’s also kinda nice to just shoot things in the face. That sounds worse then I intended. I’m typing on my phone […]