June Stories at the Confabulator Cafe

Welcome to another month of free fiction here at the Cafe. Pull up a chair and let us get you a nice iced coffee or tea. It is much too warm out there for June. Which really means it’s great weather to stay inside and catch up on your reading.

This month, Confabulators were charged with looking back through the titles of old Cafe stories and using one for inspiration to write an all new tale. Then they had to give it a new title to make it their own. We call this Recycled Titles. We’ve also linked the original story at the end of each piece, so you can go read the original story, as well, to see how they measure up.

Here’s the schedule for June:

Friday, June 8: “The Real Boy” by Emily Mosher
Friday, June 22: “Witch Way” by Sara Lundberg


Cafe Management is run by the administration of The Confabulator Cafe. We keep things running smoothly, post stories by guest authors, and manage other boring back-end tasks.


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