October Stories at the Confabulator Cafe

Crunchy leaves, hot tea, pumpkin spice everything, sweaters, boots, crisp and cool days, pumpkins, apples, Halloween, ghosts, children dressing up like creepy things, children being creepy in general…

It’s October here at the Cafe! Our prompt very much lends us to the creepiness of the season, although not all of our writers embraced that for this prompt.

The October prompt is a story inspired by a situation: a little kid runs up to you, tugs on your sleeve, and says…? What does the child want or need?

Confabulators didn’t have to use this exactly, but the story had to be inspired by the prompt, so the stories will all include a child in need. It’s up to the individual authors what direction they went with that need…

Join us every Friday for a new, free story. Here’s the schedule:

Friday, October 7: “Innocence” by Isabel Nee
Friday, October 14: “Find Me Tonight” by Sara Lundberg
Friday, October 21: “My Half Hour Child” by Eliza Jaquays
Friday, October 28: “The Dragon Lore” by Anita C. Young

Cafe Management is run by the administration of The Confabulator Cafe. We keep things running smoothly, post stories by guest authors, and manage other boring back-end tasks.


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