August Stories at the Confabulator Cafe

I don’t know about you, but us here at the Confabulator Cafe are having a tough time wrapping our heads around the fact that it’s August. Where has this year gone?

While we sit here pondering the fluidity of time, we also have to look back on this year and recognize how many awesome stories we have written over the last seven months. I am incredibly proud of this amazing group of writers. We’re still going strong!

This month, we bring you even more amazing fiction. The August prompt is: “she added a charm to her bracelet for every life she took.” We encouraged people to think outside the box here, and I think this month’s stories achieved that wonderfully.

We hope you enjoy this month’s batch of stories. Here is the August schedule:

Thursday, August 4: “Mantis Memory Beads” by Emily Mosher
Monday, August 8: “Three Favors” by Amanda Hadley
Thursday, August 11: “The Muse of Suicide” by Aspen Junge
Monday, August 15: “Blood Bond” by Isabel Nee
Thursday, August 18: “Factory Fur Nightmares” by Dianne Williams
Monday, August 22: “Jericho‚Äôs Note” by Rob Conway
Thursday, August 25: “Soul Bracelet” by Anita C. Young

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