July Stories at the Confabulator Cafe

Welcome to the second half of 2016 here at the Confabulator Cafe! We’ve been going strong, with great new stories and a bunch of new faces! We hope you’ve enjoyed what we’ve served up so far.

This month, with Independence Day nearing and summer vacation in full swing, we decided to explore family traditions. Picnics, block parties, pool play dates, firework wars, water fights…only, since it’s the Confabulator Cafe, we decided to make it a little more interesting, so we are delving into bizarre family traditions this month.

We’ll leave it up to you to decide if these family traditions are ours or if they are completely fabricated. Although I suppose confabulation is a key word, here.

Here’s the schedule for July! Enjoy. And try not to blow any fingers off on the 4th.

Monday, July 4: “Accidental Kaiju” by Dianne Williams
Monday, July 11: “Luck and Whiskey” by Eliza Jaquays
Monday, July 18: “The Wolf Pack” by Isabel Nee
Monday, July 25: “The Unbrella” by Anita C. Young
Friday, July 29: “Wedding Breakfast” by Emily Mosher


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