June Stories at the Confabulator Cafe

We had an amazing turnout for our May stories. So many cases of mistaken identity! We’re back with another awesome line-up for June.

We’re turning our attention to something a little more otherworldly this month. We’ve decided to explore the age-old question of what happens after death. Although perhaps not in the metaphysical or religious sense, exactly.

Our prompt was “the business of the afterlife.” This can be anything from the mundane to the magical, but all of these tales touch a bit on what the afterlife might look like.

We’re also pleased to welcome another brand new guest author, Amanda Hadley! We’d also like to welcome back August Baker, another long-time Confabulator who is back with us this month.

We hope you enjoy our stories. Here is the schedule for June:

Thursday, June 2: “Market Crash” by August Baker
Monday, June 6: “The Resurrection” by Emily Mosher
Thursday, June 9: “Spirits” by Isabel Nee
Monday, June 13: “Honour The Dead” by Anita C. Young
Thursday, June 16: “Shop Girl” by Eliza Jaquays
Monday, June 20: “Old Mother Nitala” by Aspen Junge
Thursday, June 23: “My Only Human” by Sara Lundberg
Monday, June 27: “White Collar” by Amanda Hadley
Thursday, June 30: “Working for a Living” by Neil Siemers

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