On the Twelfth Day of NaNo, the Muses Brought to Me…

NaNoWriMo week two is in full swing. Most of us know of this time as the dreaded week two, and/or The Week Satan Created. It’s a tough one. You’re probably stuck, or looking down the barrel of stuck at a few looming plot holes (ME! That would be me!).

So take inventory: How are you feeling? What is working, what isn’t? Hydrated? Grab WATER- Not soda, not coffee, not Whiskey. Water. Drink a lot of it.

Are you listening to music? Does your playlist inspire you? No? Change your music. Get a different chair. Use a pen that you really love- mine is a Retro 1951 ‘Tornado’. It’s a beaut.

Do the thing that is necessary to get you out of your funk.

Opposite of that, what is working? Have you found the perfect seat in the corner at Starbucks (Me! That would be me!)? Have you struck inspiration gold in a NaNo forum? Is your outline shining brilliantly during this marathon writing event? Excellent. Keep up the momentum.

Keep the line moving, as they say.

It’s Day 12. You’re almost halfway there.


On the twelfth day of NaNo, the muses brought to me…

Twelve chores I’m ignoring

Eleven late nights writing

Ten plot holes looming

Nine pens a’leaking

Eight websites crashing

Seven caffeine headaches

Six antagonistic protagonists


Four new friends made

Three badges earned

Two regional write-ins attended

And a novel that I’d like to throw from my window.





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