NaNo Rebellion

I didn’t mean to end up as a rebel this year.  It just kinda… happened.  My first novel concept completely fell through, none of my backup ideas had enough substance to become a novel, and even my idea to write a mini-anthology of related short stories fell through.  I had to do something.

So I ended up going back to one of my old NaNo projects.  The 2013 one, specifically.  Not a great year for my health, but it was my first year as ML, and the theme was that fantastic 8-bit setup.  I digress.  I’ve long felt it’s my most salvageable out of all of my manuscripts, and I’ve always meant to come back to it.  With nothing else to lose… here I am.

I spent early Sunday morning at Perkins reading it over, and I’m quite impressed with it.  Even the scenes I thought would need to be totally scrapped are actually quite passable, and more important to the novel as a whole than I remembered.  Sure, there are two main characters who need to have better characterization so that they are more distinct, separate characters.  And I’ll have to ret-con the employee who went from a fellow trainee to a seasoned coworker halfway through, to fit my needs.  Probably he’ll get split into two separate characters.  Aside from that, though, it’s quite excellent.  …well, also, I need to actually write out the ending sequence.  Minor details.

I find it interesting that my most salvageable manuscript, the one where the inciting incidents and climax lead up to a conclusion which is actually reasonable for the main characters to solve themselves, is also the one manuscript where I knew the ending in advance.  I can’t help but think these two facts are related somehow.

At any rate, I’m a rebel now.  My word count is now equal parts new written words, and fake calculated words based on editing work.  We’ll see how the month plays out.

Neil Siemers grew up in Derby, Kansas, a comparatively small town south of Wichita. He moved to Lawrence to attend the University of Kansas, and hasn't left since. Neil likes to pretend that he is a big shot full time writer, although it's probably closer to a hobby. Either way, it's funded by a full-time job in the insurance industry, where he happily works as a cog in the machine for The Man so that bills can be paid.

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