September Stories at the Confabulator Cafe

It is often said that all stories have already been told, we’re all just rehashing the same plots over and over with our own unique perspectives.

So this month at the Cafe, we intentionally did just that. We were challenged to write a retelling of a fairy tale, mythological story, or urban legend. See if you can recognize the original tales these stories came from this month. We hope you enjoy these strange and different retellings of common tales.

Here’s the schedule this month:

Thursday, September 3: “The Blind Poet’s Dog” by Emily Mosher
Thursday, September 10: “Goldilocks and the Three Empty Cryopods” by Dianne Williams
Monday, September 14: “Skinwalker” by Anita Young
Thursday, September 17: “The Prince and the Poltergeist” by Sara Lundberg
Monday, September 21: “The Sleeping Strategy” by Neil Siemers

Cafe Management is run by the administration of The Confabulator Cafe. We keep things running smoothly, post stories by guest authors, and manage other boring back-end tasks.

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