Writer’s Log, Day 19

Guess what! I found a plot!

Guess what! I broke the Wednesday curse!

Guess what! Yeah me too. I’d also like to know what comes next.

I managed to write a solid 1800 words today progressing the plot in a direction I’m mostly pleased with. Yay! I’m managing to stay on par (barely) but for the first time in my NaNo career, I’ve had days where I ended below par.

I don’t like it.

Like, seriously. This year is hard, y’all.

I procrastinated on writing this and it’s late at night and I’m tired so…

Captain out. Keep with the wording.

At the age of six, Eliza was certain of two things. The first was that she had stories to tell. The second was that she had no talent for illustrating them herself. Talent or no, she still wrote and illustrated her first book, one that should be located and locked away if only to prevent her parents from embarrassing her terribly by showing it off alongside baby pictures. Now she spends her days writing stories that she isn't embarrassed to show off after a little bit of polishing.

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