NaNoWriMo Week 1: First Letter Home

To my dearest love,

My heart still aches, having left you behind yet again. Each day we are apart, I miss you all the more. I hope you will not forget me while I am away.

I am writing this note on Day 4 of our tour. We nobly marched into the trenches this past Saturday, and we are all ready to do our part. Emotions are running high for everyone. There is a great deal of excitement and bravado, but also plenty of anxiety and dread. I, myself, have tried to inspire those feeling trepidation, since this is my tenth tour. My veteran status lends me a bit of respect in the trenches, and they often look to me to lead. I do my best not to let my men down, all the while ensuring I fulfil my own duties, as well.

The food is terrible and sleep is fleeing, but all of this is as expected. We have made progress. We will soldier on. I will write again next week and let you know how we fare.

Know that I think of you every day, and that we will be reunited again in less than a month.

Ever-faithfully yours,


Sara is a Kansas-grown author of the fantasy and horror persuasions. She is convinced that fantastical things are waiting for her just around the corner, and until she finds the right corner, she writes about those things instead.


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