This Year vs. Last

I can’t help but compare this years Nano to last years.  If I was less lazy, I would go to the Nano website, look at the chart for last year, and compare it to this year.  But I already know what it will show.  Last year I was either ahead or close to on pace to finish my novel on time.  This year, I am not.

Last year, I wrote with a purpose.  I had a specific goal in mind.  Maybe some day I’ll even share that goal.  This year, my story doesn’t really have a purpose.  Or rather, it does, but it’s vague and hard to grab onto and more general then specific.  I’m finding this to be a much harder way to write a story.

Actually, the writing is fine.  It’s the giving a crap about the story that’s the problem.  Without a specific focus to achieve, it’s hard for me to write, even when, like now, I’m sitting at my computer with nothing better to do.

In his pretend life, August Baker is a retail monkey who channels anger and loathing into something vaguely resembling literature. In his real life, he is a Space Pirate.


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