Something NaNo This Way Still Comes

Another week down, and I am starting to stagnate.  Mostly I’m just getting bogged down in scenes that never want to end.  This is one setting I’m pretty darn happy with, and for once I’m happy with both the conflict and the antagonist.  I’m not likely to run out of plot anytime soon, so I shouldn’t have any issues coming up with enough content to make it to the glorious 50k mark.  I just need to get through this section, I think.  Well, and also, it would be nice if I could get some time when I’m not feeling sick, hungry, or sleep deprived at some point… but now I’m just talking silly talk.

Chronologically, usually I don’t start hitting the traditional NaNo slump until sometime next week.  People talk about the infamous Week Two, but for me that doesn’t normally come into play until later on.  That is, assuming I can make generalized statements about my pattern based on only two prior years of novelling.  We’re going to pretend that I can, and move on.  Yes?  Yes.  Good.

This is the first time I have ever been this far behind in my word count.  Granted, two days is nothing, and it is totally doable in every sense of the word.  But I’m going to complain about it anyway, because this is my post and I really don’t know what else I have to say.  The only thing worse than bar graph failure is the “At this rate you will finish writing your novel on” date showing me early December.  Which, again, I am fully aware that I’m not even remotely the worst off when it comes to word count deficits.  It’s just that it’s never happened before.  (Hypothetically, I may have cheated during Week 3 of my first year, but if I did, it was only because my time schedule was shifted from everyone else’s by five or more hours, and I still wrote those words before I went to bed, and well before the region totals were tallied.)

It also makes me nervous, because I’m not really known for my ability to write massive amounts of words in one day.  Usually I hit my 1.7k, and then completely lose all of my attention span.  That’s not the way to come back from behind.  Raising it up to 2k is way too inefficient.  No, I’m actually going to have to put effort into this if I want to finish on goal.  How tragic is that?

Neil Siemers grew up in Derby, Kansas, a comparatively small town south of Wichita. He moved to Lawrence to attend the University of Kansas, and hasn't left since. Neil likes to pretend that he is a big shot full time writer, although it's probably closer to a hobby. Either way, it's funded by a full-time job in the insurance industry, where he happily works as a cog in the machine for The Man so that bills can be paid.


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