NaNoWriMo #6 part 4

2013-Winner-Vertical-BannerSo as of this morning I’m a certified ‘winner’ of NaNoWriMo for the sixth time.

Yay me.

Really, I’m proud that I’ve done it. Again. I just wish there hadn’t been something that happened on Friday night that kind of made me struggle through the weekend and thus unable to post on Saturday like I’d planned. So, I’m late here. Again.

Anyway, what happened was – well, it’s not important. Suffice to say that it involved my computer – where all my writing for the last year was stored and stupidly, STUPIDLY, not backed up anywhere else. Except for a few things on my Google Drive and the last addition to the current novel last Thursday.

Which means that when I ‘won’ on Friday, at 50,057 words, I didn’t immediately send the current copy to myself and the version in my drive doesn’t reflect what I’ve written since Saturday. I had enough to validate so I did. Yay.

But when the incident occurred, I was writing. I was on a roll, really burning through the scenes that comprised nearly the exact center of my novel.

When suddenly I couldn’t do any more work.

I took the poor machine to my local tech shop and am waiting for word from them as to how bad the damage is. I’d hoped to hear from them on Saturday but no such luck. So I ended up writing by hand because I couldn’t not keep writing. When I validated my word count, I considered what I’d written on Friday night and then counted what I had on paper.

A bit over 60,000 words. Not too shabby and my hand’s not terribly cramped up with the effort. And the novel is coming along nicely.

It might be faster if I could type it in, but hey – wishful thinking at this point. The novel won’t be gotten back to at my computer until it returns. Maybe on Saturday after the holiday.

So in one respect, it’s good that I kept writing. And that I got so much done. This is the second worst thing that’s happened to me this year and in the grand scheme it’s a little thing. An expensive little thing – worse if I have to replace the machine – but not earth-shattering.

So yay that I won. Yay that I’m continuing to write. Boo that it’s the second time during NaNoWriMo that my computer has been unavailable during the home stretch.

How’s your writing going?


***UPDATED TO ADD: The computer has come home and is working very, very well. I’ll update you further on Saturday as to my progress.

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