NaNoWriMo 2013: Day 6

Hello, sweethearts. We’re entering day six of NaNoWriMo. I haven’t done anything yet today, because I’ve had a slow morning. You see, yesterday I was too busy drinking to really focus on meeting word count goals.

I’ve also been too busy working, cleaning things (sometimes), doing stuff with my kid, staring at my novel, having feels, running, et cetera. It’s so easy to find all sorts of things that have to get done in November!

Everything was pretty much the worst in the first four days. I swear to god I used to be able to write, and now I don’t remember how the fuck a plot even works. What the hell are words? Why does anyone write for fun — it’s bullshit.

By day five, writing stopped making me want to drink all the moonshine in my freezer. I even enjoyed it a little bit on day five. And I love the social spirit of NaNoWriMo, which is 90% of why I do this every year. I’m even sort of looking forward to the next couple of write-ins. And at least I’m kicking my nemesis straight in the ass.

Knowing my luck, by the time anyone sees this post, he will have updated his word count and be ahead.

Ashley M. Hill found her voice in science fiction when her curiosity about technology coupled with the lifelong urge to tell stories. Her interest in social and feminist issues shapes how she approaches the genre. She's pursuing computer and network repair for her day job.


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