The Art of the Red Pen (Week of February 17)

Your book was ... interesting.Writing is — as they say — re-writing. It’s a difficult process that begins with the author, but usually includes one or more outsiders who act as critique partners. A critique partner can offer valuable feedback, because he or she is removed from the written work and acts as a first audience for the author.

What worked? What didn’t? Were the motives of the characters clear or is there a gaping plot hole in the center of it all?¬†As writers, we learn to accept certain amounts of criticism, but it inevitably falls on us to give it as well.

This week, we’re asking the writers to give us the inside scoop on critiquing a work. How do they approach a critique? What kind — and how much — feedback is most valuable? We know our contributors are at various stages of their writing lives, so the responses are likely to be varied and interesting.

We hope you enjoy reading their responses. And, as always, please leave us your feedback, too.

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