Ephemera – How much have you written this week?

This week we discussed how we as writers make time to write, since most of us aren’t full-time writers. Having talked about that, it seemed only natural to ask how much the Confabulators wrote this week. Were we true to our claims as far as making time to write?

Sara Lundberg

I think I had too much free time this week, so I didn’t write much. I also tend to go into writing hibernation for a few months after Nanowrimo in November. I’m still recovering from that. But this week I wrote the flash fiction for the Cafe, a couple of discussion assignments for my class, and, my crowning glory, a cheesy simile for a Valentine’s Day card for the significant other, Jack Campbell, Jr.

Jack Campbell, Jr.

I wrote a lot this week, but the only fiction I wrote was for the upcoming flash fiction here at The Confabulator Cafe. I wrote a lot about Jacques Derrida’s concept of Deconstuction as it relates to Nathaniel Hawthorne’s Young Goodman Brown and various theoretical analyses of Robert Louis Stevenson’s The Strange Case of Doctor Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. The most important thing I wrote this week, however, was a Valentine’s Day letter to Sara Lundberg. While her card was a simile comparing me to coffee, my letter was written in the form of a long metaphor. In her words, “We really are literary geeks.”

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