Sleeping Through Class

I have a confession to make.

I have not been a very consistent Confabulator Cafe reader.

Because I have a life, and sometime between that and keeping up with Facebook and LOLcats posts, the Confabulator Cafe just keeps stacking up in my feed reader. I have to choose how to use my time— do I want to write for the Cafe, or do I want to read it? Pick one.

And so, with a heavy heart and no small amount of guilt, every few months I declare blogroll bankruptcy and Mark All Read. No more Crunchy Betty. Sayonara Captain Awkward. Goodbye Unf*** Your Habitat.

I expect things will be somewhat better from now on, though. I’ve taken up Editor Minor duties at the Cafe. Another year of Nanowrimo has reinforced bonds of friendship and resparked my interest in how other writers do their thing. I’ve reoriented my blogroll away from cute cat videos and more towards literature.

We started this experiment a year ago. We’re still here. This exercise in group writing, which could easily have died of neglect well before the last frost date still has a dozen active participants. We still like one another, we’re each still posting pretty much every week, and we have yet to run out of things to write about. So let’s keep going and see how far this road will take us.

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