Post-NaNo Blues

NaNoWriMo went fine, and I’m still working on the novel — but now I’m trying to throw off the post-NaNo funk. (Ted wrote about this last week, and I pretty much just nodded along.)

While writing is often a solitary experience, I am not a solitary person. I thrive on company, even if all we’re doing is drinking coffee and doing something inherently unsocial, like writing. Maybe it comes from small housing and lots of siblings; I’m just no good at being alone. I only sort of joke that I want to move my friends into one of those polygamist houses I once saw on Sister Wives — for the ease of company, not the sex, obviously.

So NaNoWriMo is like a little slice of Heaven every month. All my writing friends in one place? Check. Space and time dedicated to writing? Check. All the coffee a girl could OD on? And check.

Hello, month long writing party.

Coming down is hard. For a couple days I sort of stewed and hated my novel and did pretty much nothing. It took a lot of effort for me to open the Scrivener again. Then I stared at it. I made a list of issues that had to be resolved. I eventually forced myself to outline the missing chunks of the novel.

It’s coming along.

NaNo isn’t the challenge — it’s not easy, but I feel like our region is generally tuned for success. The challenge is in keeping up the enthusiasm and spirit to write when its over.

Ashley M. Hill found her voice in science fiction when her curiosity about technology coupled with the lifelong urge to tell stories. Her interest in social and feminist issues shapes how she approaches the genre. She's pursuing computer and network repair for her day job.

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