Ephemera – Will You Edit your NaNo Novel?

This past week, the Wrimos said their final words on their Nanowrimo adventures for 2012. Words were written, lessons were learned, sleep was missed out on, and way too much caffeine and junk food was consumed – even if it wasn’t for Nano. For one last summary on the experience (and then we’re back to regularly scheduled programming so you won’t have to hear about it for another year), we asked our Wrimos what their plans were for their novel written in November. To edit, or not to edit?

Christie Holland

I’ve never edited a NaNo novel before. But this year, I’m considering it. Editing it actually means “completely rewriting it,” but that’s okay. I’m excited to keep working on it.

Ted Boone

I absolutely intend to finish this year’s novel (still have 25-30% story to tell, by my best guess) and then edit it. I’m probably more surprised by this answer than anyone, as I thought my story idea this year was sort of a throwaway, but as things progressed, I really grew to love the idea and the characters.

Jason Arnett

Definitely going to edit. I love this year’s book even though I’m not done writing it yet. I think I’m to the point as a writer that what I write is deserving of at least a couple of attempts at getting it out to the public.

Kevin Wohler

I’m going to keep working on my NaNoWriMo novel. I didn’t get to 50,000 words, but that’s okay. I like my main character and I’m convinced she has a good story to tell. Most importantly, I’m starting to see the true bones of the story. Much of my writing has been fat, which will need to be trimmed. Now that I’m done with NaNo, I’m going to ignore word count and focus on time spent with my novel — whether writing or editing. I want to finish it in 2013.

Sara Lundberg

Nah, not this year. It needs way too much work. I’ve been doing NaNo for enough years now to realize when I have something worth putting more work into, and while this novel definitely had its moments, and I might revisit the idea someday, overall it’s best that this one gets a proper burial in the Novel Graveyard.

Larry Jenkins

Hell, yes, I’m editing it. The zero draft is finally done, and I’m ready for someone else to read the damn thing. Beware, writer friends. Some of you may be dodging an email from me very soon.

Ashley M. Poland

I’m planning to edit this novel. It’s not going to be easy nor do I think I’ll do it right away — I’ve already got the rumblings of another novel in me — but I think there’s something redeemable buried in this draft. Not sure what it is, yet, but I’ll find it with another draft or so.

Jack Campbell, Jr.

I never leave anything unfinished. I usually edit a piece several times before I submit. Sometimes, that process takes years, but I don’t believe in trunking anything. There is always something to salvage, something that can work for me. My most recent story acceptance, “Waking” was originally written in 2002. I completed the final re-write last year.

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