NaNoWriMo Standings – Week 2

For the month of November, most of our Cafe writers are participating in National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo). Therefore, every Saturday, we’re posting a scorecard of their current work. We’ve asked our writers to submit their current word count and a favorite line they’ve written.

As of last night at midnight, here are our standings:

Jessi Levine (28,016 up from 4,793 words)

Paul Swearingen (26,826 words)

She stood gracefully, walked towards the stairway, and turned. “But even though I may not be as pretty as Esther, I still have bigger boobs!”

R.L. Naquin (25,572 up from 8,018 words)

He bared his teeth at me in a hideous grin. “My brother and I can catch anything together. I think, he does. He thinks, I do. Think-do, do-think.” He cackled. “I said ‘Doodoo.’” He threw his head in the air and howled again.

Christie Holland (22,501 up from 6,209 words) — Municipal Liaison

Jason Arnett (22,267 up from 5,445 words)

The impossible parade trooped on past the parked cars and through the trees toward the golf course. Albert stood up straight, looked at his water glass and finished it in one draught. He sat on the couch, twirling the glass in the palm of one hand and tried to assess the entire experience from the moment of the first earthquake to what he just saw. None of it made any sense.

Ashley M. Poland (19,407 up from 2,892 words)

He shrugs and runs a hand over the smooth metal of the car. He wants back in his craft. He wants it to be the birthday race now, right this second, not still almost a month away. “I’ve got shit to prove,” he says finally. “And you don’t prove ’em wrong by being anything but the best. I’d rather go out flashy than fall into obscurity.”

Ted Boone (16,941 up from 2,666 words)

Which would be worse, she thought, burning, or suffocating? I wonder if I can control my breathing so that both events happen simultaneously? Nima let out a slow, controlled sigh, and then turned the cocoon opaque again. All she could do now was wait for her imminent demise, caused either by atmosphere or the lack of atmosphere, whichever struck first.

Aspen Junge (14,850 up from 2,475 words)

Larry Jenkins (14,524 up from 3,776 words)

I made the executive decision to put on pants before answering the front door. It turned out to be a very good move.

Kevin Wohler (13,163 up from 4,988 words)

Even for a Tuesday, my little part of New Chicago was suspiciously quiet. “Too quiet,” I heard myself whisper. The little guy playing the soundtrack in my head added an ominous “Da-da-dum!” on his piano.

Sara Lundberg (12,602 up from 3,514 words) — Municipal Liaison

By the time the demon scouting parties that had been sent after her caught up to them, she had, in fact, assembled an army of madmen. “So f***ing insane it just might work,” Merle conceded. Her sentiments exactly.

Jack Campbell, Jr. (9,000 up from 4,800 words)

Lady, I already gave up booze, coffee, and cigarettes. You aren’t about to get me in to a pair of yoga pants.

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