Writers’ Support Structures (Week Ending October 6)

As the old saying goes, “Behind every great man, there’s a woman.” (Okay, it’s an old, somewhat sexist saying. But it’s more applicable than “Sometimes monkeys die.”) The thing is, writers have known for generations that they are at the mercy of someone else, often their patrons. These days, however, it’s difficult to find a Medici family member willing to upfront the cash while you write your next play or book of sonnets.

So, how does a 21st century writer survive? On the one hand, there’s the starving artist who lives hand-to-mouth while trying to get published. On the other, there’s the part-time scribbler who burns the midnight oil because he or she has to spend each day at a “real” job. And there are those lucky few who have family and friends who enable them to write at their leisure. (No pressure there. Am I right?)

This week, we’re asking the writers at the Cafe about their families and the support they receive. We want to know how our writers cope with the pressures of daily living and writing, and what their friends, families, spouses, and/or significant others do to help or hinder the writing process.

Be sure to leave your comments and questions for our writers. They love interacting with our readers. And if you have a moment, be sure to follow the Confabulator Cafe on Twitter and Facebook.

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