The Why of Writing (Week Ending July 28)

Some do it for pleasure. Others do it to make a living. I’ve heard tell that some do it alone, in the dark. There are those who are tortured by it, but do it anyway. The “it” we’re referring to, of course, is writing.

Why do we write? Are we sharks? Are we storytellers? Are we desperate to be remembered? Maybe there’s some primal instinct at work. Or maybe the answer is simply “because.” We asked our writers why, and — not surprisingly — we received a lot of different responses. (I swear, I’ll buy everyone a round if we actually all agree on something.)

So come on in from the summer heat. Pull up a stool beneath the ceiling fan. Have an ice-cold drink. Sit back and talk with our writers. We hope you enjoy the discussion.

Until next week,

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