What TV Show Would You Like to Write For?

The dream job for many of us would be to write for our favorite television shows. Or maybe not our favorite. Maybe for a television show we feel could benefit from our superior writing skills. Or maybe a show we don’t necessarily love, but has an amazing writing staff. We all have our reasons, but most of us, at one time or another, have wished to be able to write for television. Here’s what shows we wish we could write for.

Muriel Green

I would love to revive Forever Knight. Forever Knight was a Canadian TV show from the ’90s about a vampire detective who solves crimes in Toronto as a way to atone for his centuries as a killer.

Jack Campbell, Jr.

I would have loved to write a teleplay for The Twilight Zone, Night Gallery, or The Outer Limits. I loved the old anthology shows. The Twilight Zone episodes came from the minds of some of the greatest writers of the era. As far as current shows, I would like to write for Southland. I love gritty realism.

Kevin Wohler

Most of the television shows I love have gone to that big blue channel in the sky. That said, there are a few that I would love to bring back. I’d love to revive The Greatest American Hero, the iconic ’80s series about an English teacher who is given a superhero suit by aliens, only to lose the instruction booklet. Though the original premise is a bit cheesy by today’s standards, I think it could be made into a great action series. First, I’d elevate the humor above the slapstick of the original series. Then I’d add a real element of danger. Maybe the suit is to prepare Earth against an invasion. Maybe the instruction book wasn’t lost, but stolen by a covert government agency. Maybe there’s a second suit out there, used by someone who isn’t so nice — and he has his instruction book. I think this series has great potential and could be a hit with today’s superhero-obsessed audiences. With my love of comic books and the superhero genre, I could do it justice.

Sara Lundberg

Definitely Doctor Who. That show’s storylines are epic, the characters are brilliant, and it has such an amazing cast of writers. I’d give a spare organ to be able to work with Steven Moffat. I even wrote a Doctor Who fan fiction story once, so I’ve had practice! Although I’d also probably give up limbs and organs to work on any show Joss Whedon comes up with next. I bet I could have written a pretty kick-ass Buffy episode.

R.L. Naquin

Just one show? Warehouse 13. I could totally come up with some crazy stuff for them to chase after. The mixture of everyday and weird? That’s my writing style. Sign me up!

Jason Arnett

You mean one that already exists? Because there are two television shows in my head that I’d love to write for. But if we’re limiting to what’s at least theoretically ‘realistic’, I would be jazzed to write for Torchwood. I think Jack Harkness’ potential and his relationship with Gwen would be fun to explore and getting into Jack’s head would be amazing, especially after the brutal revelations of Children of Earth.

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