Do you have your own blog?

For some of us, the Confabulator Cafe is our only internet home, and this is the only place to find our words of wisdom. The rest of us have dabbled in varying degrees with our own blogs, from personal to critique, informational to opinion. If you’re ever curious to see what we do outside of the Cafe, take a gander and visit any of the blogs mentioned below.

Jason Arnett

I’m on the Web at and have been since 2007. What you’ll find there are pages about the stories I’ve written, a short bio, and a page where I take on the somewhat daunting task of writing commissions for anyone who’s interested. I write about whatever interests me but I tend to focus on what I’m writing at the time, where the idea came from, what I’m doing to research it, and where it will eventually appear. I also talk about music, film and books. You know – all the things that go into one’s writing.

Muriel Green

No, I don’t blog. Unless one counts the Confabulator Cafe as blogging. I do, however, make videos which one can watch by going to¬†

Jack Campbell, Jr.

You can find my home website, This Average Life at I have samples of flash fiction that I have written, and I write about whatever else comes to mind. It began as my thoughts on various aspects of writing. It later evolved to be more about my thoughts on my life, as well as current events. I find that the things that affect you affect your writing, so my blog is mostly about how current events in both society and my life shape the art of writing.

Kevin Wohler

Yes, I actually have a couple of different blogs that I have managed over the years. I used to run a film blog, but that’s been on the back burner for a year or so. I also have a professional blog that I use for my copywriting career. But my main blog is The Creativity Well ( I use it to talk about creativity, writing, and anything that grabs my attention. Though I don’t update it every week, I try to post something new every month.

Sara Lundberg

I’m a bit of a blog addict, which actually makes me a horrible blogger. I have half a dozen blogs, and I’m bad about updating most of them. The two that get the most attention these days (other than the Cafe, of course) are my personal writing blog Prospective Writer (, and Red Wine Reminiscence (, which is a blog I use to track and rate all of the different red wines I’ve tried.

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