A Poem is Red, the Verses Are Blue (Week Ending June 23)

When readers think of favorite books, most would probably choose a favorite literary genre, or maybe a non-fiction book like a biography or memoir. A few theatre-minded types might pick their favorite dramatis personae┬áin a play. But these days, the general populace of readers don’t think about that other flavor of writing. We’re talking about the yin to prose’s yang: poetry.

Despite what your English teachers may have drilled into you in school, poetry is not something that stopped being written in the 1800s. Poetry is alive and well and lives on today in new forms and with new voices. So we decided to ask our writers here at the cafe whether or not they have dabbled in verse, and what they think about it in general.

So, what about you, dear reader? Are you in love with lyrical alliteration? Do you find yourself dreaming in iambic pentameter? Give us your thoughts and comments below!

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