What Are You Currently Working On?

One of the benefits of being involved in a writing group is that it keeps us accountable to our peers. Alone, we often succumb to the doldrums of a writing slump, assuring ourselves “I’ll get to it later.” As a group, the big question is always “what are you working on?” At all of our monthly meetings, we go around the circle and ask this question of each member. Most of it is honest curiosity – what will our amazing cohorts think up next? – but it has the added bonus of motivation. Nobody likes to say “nothing” when it’s his or her turn.

So for this week’s Ephemera, you get to hear the Confabulator answers to the question “what are you currently working on?”

Muriel Green

I am in the middle of re-writing my National Novel Writing Month project from 2005. It is a young adult post-apocalyptic novel about two teenage girls who are professional salespeople at a permanent flea market. Revisiting a project after it’s “cooled off” for a few years is my favorite!

 Paul Swearingen

The correct answer to “What am I working on?” would be “Trying to get a downed tree removed when no one involved – Westar, Wright Tree Service, another tree service, and the owner of the rental property I’m managing can give me the same answer or even answer my phone calls.” However, I am three chapters into a YA mystery set somewhere not far from Lawrence which may involve the underground railroad, Civil War raiders, paranormal elements, a reluctant love entanglement, and maybe even time travel

Sara Lundberg

Camp NaNoWriMo! Well, I haven’t started yet, but as of June 1st, I’ll be writing like mad to try to write 50,000 words in 30 days. I’ve been brainstorming ideas and making outlines for it, though. My novel may or may not be about my secret desires to do harm to a particular management figure in my life. Resemblance to people living or dead is probably coincidence. Probably.

Jack Campbell, Jr.

I am going to try to write a novel in June for Camp NaNoWriMo. It’s a dystopian noir detective story. The working title is Heaven’s Edge and takes place in a domed platform risen above a smog-choked future city.

Kevin Wohler

I’m currently working on a short story for an upcoming anthology. The story is a guide to being a better villain, and it’s called “Ultimatums.” It’s due at the end of the month, so it’s crunch time. :)

Ashley M. Poland

I’m working on two things right now, actually. I’ve been getting my plot and outline in order for Camp NaNo in June; it’s a project I meant to start two months ago, so it’s just a matter of deal with what I already have. I’m also working on finishing the first draft of a fanfiction challenge — it’s been my breathing room project between editing.

Nancy Cayton Myers

I am currently revising my NaNo 2011 novel, Dreamland.  I took a retreat in early May and was able to rewrite most of the first act–over 6000 new words to replace the first draft ugliness!  I’m also working on a couple of poems and have some short story ideas brewing.  Unfortunately, the end-of-the-school-year has taken its toll with work and family activities, so writing has been hit and miss the last couple of months.  Hoping summer will be slower at home so I can keep moving on the writing.

R.L. Naquin

I should be getting developmental edits for Pooka in My Pantry any minute. That’ll give me about a week to get started on them before June 1st.  Don’t laugh, but I’ve signed up for Camp NaNoWriMo to help me crank out the first 50K words for book three in the series, Fairies in My Fireplace. Okay, go ahead and laugh. That’s right. I’ll be revising book two with my editor while writing book three. June will be epic. Cover me, I’m going in. Send chocolate. And energy drinks. And a psychiatric professional.

Jason Arnett

I’m halfway through the edits on my novel from November and hope to have that finished soon. I’m also poring over several short stories with an eye toward submission and self-publishing. There are some other things, too, like waiting for notes on the sequel to Evolver and planning the sequel to another book that hasn’t been announced yet so there are a LOT of irons in the fire right now.

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