Real Life and Writing (Week of 16 April 2012)

It’s rare that a writer’s only job is to write stories for our entertainment. Certainly the big names do, and several mid-list authors are able to make that leap into being a full-time writer. We baristas here at the Cafe are writers, but we have other occupations, too. One of the benefits to working out in the ‘real’ world is being able to populate our stories with things that we observe out there.

That can scare our friends. No one wants their foibles put on display for strangers to see. Unless of course they’re on a cell phone and telling their BFF all about what they did last night. You wouldn’t believe some of the conversations we overhear when the customers think no one’s listening. Or maybe you would.

This week, our bloggers are answering the question “How has your ‘real’ life crept into your writing? Is there anyone you know in them there words?” No really, that’s how the question was asked. Anyway, tune in every day to see what we have to say about it. Maybe you’ll come to understand that not everyone we meet is a good character though bits of you might get in there. We promise it’ll be enlightening and you could possibly see some of yourself in there.

If you look hard enough.

Have a cup of coffee, or tea. Read up on how we writers change things to suit ourselves.

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