Application of Learning (week of 9 April 2012)

Writing is a skill. Anyone who tells you that writing is just putting together a string of words to make a coherent story is fooling himself. It’s a lot more than that and that fool who’s putting on airs is just looking for attention.

We know that. Intelligent readers know that, too. Everyone who reads has picked up at least one book, one magazine, one newspaper story and seen bad writing. We identify it in our filmed entertainments, too.

So, writing is a skill and skills can be learned. Some folks have a natural predisposition to write and write well, others really have to work at it. Regardless of the level one is at, the writer has learned something from another writer. This week we’re asking the Confabulators who they’ve learned from, what they’ve learned and how have they applied it to their writing? We’re also wondering if the person they’ve learned the most from is their favorite author.

The stories you’re going to read this week are fascinating and revealing at the same time. Come back every day and see who’s saying what and how each individual process differs (or maybe doesn’t) from another’s. The coffee is hot, the conversation is stimulating and we hope you’ll stick around all week long.

Jason Arnett is a storyteller living in Kansas and writing in the plains of the fantastic. Some of his work can be found at


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