Flash Fiction Week

We’re all pretty excited this week about the challenge we’ve given ourselves. We went to Flickr/Commons and were directed to choose a picture based on an algorithm including letters from our names. The picture thus chosen for us would be the inspiration for a piece of flash fiction of one thousand words or less. (Or maybe a little more if one needed more.)

Where we could, the picture was included in the post and should be properly attributed to the owner. We’re storytellers and we were trying to prove that a picture is, indeed, worth a thousand words. In every case, we’ve been successful, though the degree of that success is up to you, our dear readers, to decide. If you’ve never commented on a post here, please consider doing so. We writers are fragile and your kind attention is very much appreciated.

The pictures, of course, are the property of the people at the other end of the link, not ours and we make no claim. The stories, though, are copyrighted 2012 by the individual authors. It’s up to each author what might be further done with them.

We hope you enjoy our experiment this week. Let us know what you think.


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