Character or Plot? (Week of 19 March 2012)

It’s a classic argument: Which is more important – character or plot?

At the halfway party for NaNoWriMo back in November, there was a spirited discussion amongst our group and by the end of it, nothing had been definitively settled and we all ate and drank well that night, savoring the company of our good friends.

Now that the Cafe is open, the discussion is up again. It should be every bit as spirited and interesting as all the writers here are now five months farther along and we all know that time gives us some perspective we might otherwise have had. It also builds character because of things that happen in that time. Though if one looks back upon a particularly nasty run of bad luck, the plot that conspired against one could be seen more clearly to have set events in motion that led to those character-building moments.

Or maybe not.

Regardless, the coffee is hot, the pastries are fresh and everyone’s paying attention this week. Feel free to chime in with your own thoughts.

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