How much is your own writing like your favorite author’s?

I would have to say that my writing style is mostly unique, although I’ve snagged techniques from practically everyone I’ve read. Nevertheless, I try to provide a happy ending, or at least a satisfactory outcome, to my novels (I mean, how awful to kill off a YA character?!?), and so did one of my favorite authors, Nevil Shute, whose novels almost always beat up the main character all the way only to find him in the arms of his true love at the end. I may not go that far, but I do try to keep my MC alive through the story and reunited with a loved one at the end, too.

Now retired after 34 years of teaching English, Spanish, and journalism in public, private, and government schools. Hobbies: DX'ing (Google it!), gardening, collecting a lot of crap that now fills my house (I bet I have older computers than anyone who has better sense!).

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