Writing routine and devices

In spite of being old enough to be a registered Luddite, I use a Mac computer (either MacBook Pro or G4-hotrodded-to-G5-speed desktop) exclusively to write. I don’t think I’ll ever have to worry about Alzheimer’s, and my mind works way too fast for me to trust a typewriter or pen (although I keep my Olympia Standard and Parker 51 around for nostalgia’s sake).

I follow no special writing routine, except during Nanowrimo, when I start after breakfast and write until my wrists hurt – literally (which is how I passed 50K words this year in 6 days). But otherwise, I write when I’ve finished up other daily tasks, as if I don’t, they may never be completed – I write like I read, quickly and voraciously.

Now retired after 34 years of teaching English, Spanish, and journalism in public, private, and government schools. Hobbies: DX'ing (Google it!), gardening, collecting a lot of crap that now fills my house (I bet I have older computers than anyone who has better sense!).

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